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We produce for the best. sales in the Marmara region and all of Anatolia , we offer applications and services . Automatic Doors, Sectional Doors , Garage Door , Door photocell barrier FAAC Automation , Factory doors , industrial doors ...

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Sliding doors are usually available a single wing , sliding on rails. This type of entry , the sliding door in the opening and closing phase There is a need for a long and narrow space . These doors ; wide entries , arranged to ramp inputs , or to open the circular door adequate protection in areas where conditions are ideal .

The wing door system in weights up to 3500 kg It is designed to operate. These designs all kinds of atmosphere the condition may show resistance , maximum operating safety and provide long-term performance.
FAAC Yana Kayar Kapı Motorları
FAAC Yana Kayar Kapı Motorları